Thursday, October 6, 2011

20 Week Photo-Op

I've made it halfway!!! Yeah (insert minor freak out moment, especially as I realize soon life will change in a few short months!). With every wiggle and every squirm, I feel as though life is quickly becoming more and more fulfilled. At first, I kept thinking that the bump wasn't really growing, but yesterday at my appointment with my midwife, my belly grew 7 cm!!!

Everything is all right on track, the belly is growing and the baby is plenty strong. I don't have any weird cravings at this point, just trying to eat right and get enough rest. I happen to be one of those go-go-go people who tries to do it all.

And now, not so much.

Little by little, it will all get done. Little by little, I will accomplish what I wanted to do. And little by little, I will learn to slow down, to stop and relish this time.

Before I know it, there will be a little person to care for.


Knitty said...

Eating well, resting, and dreaming of the days to come sound like a perfect plan!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh Jaclyn, your half way there!

Remember that you are doing the work of motherhood right now as you eat well, rest, drink plenty of fluids...Motherhood looks good on you!


Little Wife on the Prairie said...

CUTE! My belly is already that big and I am only 10 weeks. Tummy muscles gave up at kid 3 I think. :) You look wonderful!