Friday, September 30, 2011

The Last Day of September

This month hasn't been an easy one. My hubby is working longer hours and there is a shift at home. The air is different like the walls know something is amiss. My husband and I, work much better alongside one another, and I am hoping that in a few weeks, I am able to join him every so often at the office.

We have had our fair share of flubs and flops, but through it, we are going strong. This lil one is growing away, and we are making time for family dinners when we can. Molly keeps me company during the day, she walks beside me, letting me know I'm never truly alone.

I hold on with all my might to the moments we are together. To those moments when the house is warm and full, as is my heart. Last night, Molly was snuggled up at the foot of our bed, my husband reached out to hold my hand just before falling asleep, and the baby gave me a sweet kick to say a quick "hello". And there I laid, smiling. Life was absolutely perfect in that moment.

September was full of sweet moments and some bittersweet ones. October brings with it new beginnings, as does each day. We do what we can with the hours we are given, and I am going to do all that I can to soak up each and everyday.

Tomorrow the hubby is home all I think we will enjoy a nice leisurely breakfast and bake in the kitchen all day.

Bring on October.


heartland farmhouse said...

love those perfect, unexpected, unplanned sweet moments!

hope the weekend was good to you!

God Bless!

Laura said...

What a beautiful post. I hope you're spending a bit more time with your sweetheart again. Thanks for visiting and commenting at Harvest Lane Cottage.