Monday, October 17, 2011

A Little Monday News....

So, in keeping with the new tradition of weekly updates, here it goes.

Right now, the wind is howling outside, bringing in the promise of a chilly Fall. We should be seeing much cooler temps here tomorrow, and I am giddy thinking about all the wonderful aromas wafting through the house. Tomorrow will be sugar cookies cut out like pumpkins and ghosts, along with chicken tacos on homemade tortillas.

I love cooking. I love baking. I love being in my kitchen. But something I love more--cooking alongside my husband. He has been helping me so much in the kitchen, keeping me company. I feel so blessed just knowing he wants to spend time with me.

We are still praying and seeking out God's will for much of our lives. My husband and I both became enthralled with the notion that we are somehow in control of our lives, when we both know better. God is the only one to have complete control, and since we have been left wondering many how's and why's in life, we realize how much we need Him. So here we wait, praying, believing, asking.

Just last night, we unpacked our groceries, and as I stood with full cabinets, I felt a surge of overwhelming gratefulness. We have full cabinets (again) and so many go without this basic need. I get to look through cookbooks and plan meals, when too many adults and children fall asleep hungry. Sure, I have things on my wish list, but our basic needs are being met. Clothes are clean. Baths are given. House is warmed. Food is cooked. Love is bountiful.

I will continue to ask the Lord for those things which we need. And I pray knowing that will all things, God's perfect timing will result. Patience is necessary, and there is no better one to wait on than the Lord.

Everyday miracles.

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Mrs.Rabe said... many, many blessings!