Monday, October 10, 2011

A Little Note....To Myself

I have been thinking about this for some time now, wondering if I should proceed with doing posts such as these. And after much thought and consideration, I believe I am going to go for it.

Once a week, I thought I would start posting about whatever is meandering amongst my brain, whatever may pop into my mind. With so much going on these days and the baby on the way, I want to commemorate every day right now.

Let it begin....

The past couple of months have not been the easiest, but they have been the most rewarding. There has been some hubbub with the husband's job, and unfortunately right now, we are in some kind of limbo/holding pattern. I'm not sure if he has a job, but we are trusting God to provide for our needs. In the past few days, I have seen my flaws in my faith, as I failed to ask God for a specific need, thinking that I had to pray a certain way and not be too demanding. Whelp, I realize now how little I was trusting God, and how greatly I devalued the capacity and power of God.

We have some expenses coming up that I am not quite sure how they will be paid for. There are a few needs that need to be met, some bills that need to be paid, some maternity clothes to buy :)

Normally, I would be fretful over how all this will happen, but now I am trying my best to let go. To let go to my old ways, to change my mindset, and to believe that my current problems are none too small for the Maker of the Universe.

So here I am, trusting, waiting, praying. Praying Like Crazy.

There is beauty all around me. I am lucky enough to have my husband safe at home. The baby is growing happily and healthily, and the weather is beckoning for colder nights. Everyday miracles....they happen all the time.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Praying for your husbands job, the things you need to pay for, maternity clothes etc.

I know too often I have denied myself the joy of seeing God provide because I was trusting in a paycheck and praying for the Lord to provide it. Does that make sense? I know He does provide through my husbands paycheck, but sometimes I forget to pray about our needs....


Laura said...

I AM RIGHT THERE WITH YOU..only I am not pregnant:-)

And everything you said is correct...
and I am glad you decided to say it.

pray with intention...
pray constantly...
pray for EXACTLY what you need from GOD

and then....

Thank Him for all He has yet to do!!!!!!

Want to know a secret?
We have less than $18 in our bank account!
I have a huge stack of bills...
my kids have a book fair next week...they are asking for dollars we do not have
I have a dental appt. coming up...and over $1,000 in dental bills!
And I NEED A HAIR CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life gets SCARY
and we worry
and get anxious

so hard

I decided yesterday...I AM going to TRUST Him
I am giving my burdens to Him
thanking Him for healthy children, a home, and the deer in my yard :-)

and then a HUGE prayer of thanks for the things He has planned is in great sorrow that we see the face of God

many prayers...
for you
your husband
your baby :-)

Life is a gift
we will make it through
I just know it