Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sitting in Awe

I have little in the way of words these days, but I do know, my heart is overflowing....

And some days, when the world seems like too much, I look at the men in my life, and thank God for this life.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

These Dreams are a-Changin'

I wondered how long it would take me to gather the courage to write this post.

Something about putting my thoughts down to words seems to make them concrete, to give them life.

For some time now, my husband and I have known that God was working through us and would be demanding much of us. We felt something deep in our bones that told us to hold on, to trust in the future, and to be willing to do what was asked. So we waited, and waited, and waited.

We prayed harder than we ever had before.

And then the other day, my husband came home and told me what he was to do. He wants to start a non-profit here in our little town to help the youth with their futures as well as meet the needs of the day to day. He wants to provide activities and education, kind of like a Boys and Girls club with counseling and physical activities. My husband is not the type to speak lightly of such situations, rather he is the type who chews on an idea for awhile before speaking up. I know his heart, and I know when he says that this is something he feels called to do, than by gosh it will get done. God spoke to his heart, and he listened.

I kid you not, within a week or so of him telling me this, I was washing up the supper dishes when I heard the answer to my prayers. Not only will we establish a safe haven for adolescents, but we will also grow a garden that will exist for the sole purpose of feeding others. There will be no cost, just an opportunity for others to receive nourishing food, free of charge.

I have no idea how these endeavors will be funded, but I know who will fund them. He will give us a way, guide us in a direction, allow us to be the feet and hands to His work. And we will labor tirelessly and joyously, without regard for the amount of pay. We have seen mountains move, and lives change because of the awesome God we serve.

Forgive my silence on this here blog. We have had lots to think about these past few weeks. For now, we continue to pray that God would give us the tools we need to do His work, and that He would provide us with the patience and persistence necessary to carry out an endeavor like this.

We don't know when or how this all will come to fruition, but we are excited to see what the days hold. For now, we continue to work our own little piece of land, in order to learn from our mistakes and bless those we can with our food. There was a time when we had little in the way of food, but we have been blessed beyond all comprehension. Nary a meal passes over our table without my husband and I both feeling a deep-seeded gratefulness for such a gift. I still cry at the sight of a full pantry.....there is a need and we plan to do what we can to meet it.

My request is this, if you would (and by no means should you feel obligated to), will you pray for us?

May you have a blessed weekend.