Monday, October 24, 2011

On This Monday....

The highlight of this week was without a doubt, hands down, bar-none, finding out we are expecting a little boy and seeing his sweet, sweet little face. Once I was told everything looked great, and that all appendages and inner workings were in their designated places, and that he seemed to be just fine, I knew I could sleep for weeks. A huge weight was lifted from my shoulders, our little man was perfectly and wonderfully made.

A few people have asked if we have a name picked out yet. We had tossed around a few in the past, and oddly enough, none of the names we originally liked will be his name. My husband and I have settled on Allen James (or AJ) for short. Allen is my father's name and James is my husband's family name, as both his dad and he share it. I believe we will be hard-pressed to change this....he will be named after some wonderful, honest, Godly men.

In other news, I have been keeping with the new motto of "Praying like Crazy" especially in regards to provisions and work. I am still lost as to what exactly God wants us to be doing, but I am praying everyday that we are doing what He wants us to do. Just last week, I found that our health insurance premium is going to be raised another 50%, a hike that we cannot afford. I have been looking into other options, but I won't be accepted by other health insurance companies due to my pre-existing condition, ahem pregnancy. If something can't be figured out soon, I will be forced to cancel our insurance, but I don't know what else to do.

Only God does.

Daily life is definately a walk in faith, through each second of everyday. But I still believe in those everyday miracles. I have to.


teacher girl said...

Hello! I'm a new blog fan of yours coming over from the hilarious & wonderful Laura's Piece of Cake. I already love your writing..and noticed you wrote a book. I am intrigued. Could 3rd graders read it? (I teach 3rd grade) It sounds like a great book! Looking forward to reading more of your posts...{& I've added you & your little guy to my prayer list...}

McFarland-Higgins family said...

That is SO stressful!!! Praying hard for you!

Laura said...

well, now that you have got Teacher Girl praying for you, you are ALL SET! (she is a sweetheart)

OK...first of all..OH BOY!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!! My boys are wild, crazy, maddening, dirty, nuts, sloppy, forgetful and AWESOME! This is fabulous news and I am so happy for you.

Second of all...I hear ya loud and clear. I am comforted today by the amount of "we are in the same boat" responses I got to my post (that really, I am totally complaining, and hate that I let myself write that, but, oh well) It is true, though. You are not alone. And we will all manage. The other day, I took my basket of bills, and threw a picture of Jesus that said "Jesus, I trust in you" on top of them, and walked away! It is hard to always trust, though, Because not having food, paying bills, and starting a family is STRESSFUL. Financial stress did a number on my faith and marriage and over all sanity...but thankfully, I returned to the cross, and will continue to trust that Gods plan is the right one for me.

Hang in there, new mama!
praying for you

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

so, so exciting. little boys LOVE their mamas so get ready :) praying for your insurance situation and you!

Laura Lane said...


About A.J. not the insurance increase. ~smile~

Praying like crazy is exactly what you should be doing.

May the God of Heaven and Earth pour out blessings upon you and your husband to the point where you are blessed to be a blessing to others.

You are to me; I enjoy your comments and your blog.

Libbie said...

Hey there! SOOO EXCITING! I lve that lil' guy already! I really am happy for you guys...I just imagine yu as a sweet gentle mother & I am pretty sure no boy could be more loved!!! You know I love raising lots of lil' boys :) It will be fun to see the adventures your sweet family will have! & trust are in for plenty of adventures :) Congrats!!!