Monday, February 25, 2013

The Buckaroo's First Birthday

There is no better feeling than celebrating the birth of a sweet little one with loved ones. I look back on AJ's first birthday and I have to choke back the tears as I reflect on a day of love and happiness. The weather was perfect, the chili was yummy, the company was delightful. It was wonderful.

And since in these times, pictures capture the moments we hope to remember the most, here are some from that day. One of the best day's of my life.

There is something both humbling and comforting when you are surrounded by people who love not only your son, but you as well. We all need to feel that sense of community every once in awhile. It sustains us and gives our souls the nourishment we crave.

To say my cup overflowed would be an understatement.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The best year ever

I figured I should take the time to write this down lest I forget later.

Three days ago, we celebrated AJ's first birthday.

One day ago, we had the perfect birthday celebration.

And not a moment passes that I don't stop and thank God for my life, my family, my friends, and for the wonderful blessing I call my son.

This is for you my son, a note on your first birthday.

My little one,

A year ago, our lives changed forever when we had you. You were perfect, not too big and not too little, you were content to be just right. You lit our world on fire when you were born, and since the day you arrived, we have loved you more and more. 

I look at you, and I am amazed. Your little mind is working at a rapid rate. You don't like others to intervene and help you, rather, you prefer to figure things out for yourself. You have an independent streak a mile wide, and you don't like others to tell you what to do. You have a tenacity for life, an uninhibited zeal for adventure. I never see fear in your eyes, you just look on like you already know, God will take care of you. I love that you believe in a trust so deep that not even words could describe it.

You live to be outside. I dream of what you will grow up to become, from a lawyer to a doctor, to a rancher or a farmer, and then I circle back to one singular thought--I want you to be like your Daddy. I want you to be hard-working and selfless, kind and compassionate, quiet and strong. Your Daddy is a man who may not have riches here on Earth, but his faith is exemplified by the depth of his character. Your Daddy loves you to the moon and back, as do I.

You are our world.

There are babies all over the world who are hurt or sick, scared or alone. You may not have much, but you are healthy and safe with us. I cry often when I look at you and know your little body is healthy and whole. I storm the gates of Heaven with prayers of Thanksgiving for keeping you safe and well.

I know there was more I wanted to write, but words seem to be eluding me. Your story is far from over my little one, in fact, it is just the beginning. My prayer is that you will write the story that you want to, that you will dare to dream the impossible, and that you will run the race set out in front of you. Grab life by the horns my son, live life to the fullest, and never waste a day. Time is precious, make everyday count.

I will be here for all of it, and I will love you all of my days.

With love on your birthday,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No Days Off for a Cowboy

There is something about a cowboy's heart, so full and loving, hard-working and true.

They work from sun up til sundown without a day off, saying little in the way of cause or complaint.

Always by their side is a trustworthy dog, a constant companion to tag along on the endless days.

And it just so happens that I married a cowboy.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

An Earthly Angel

As the saying goes, you never know when you are entertaining angels...

We have seen unimaginable feats of kindness and generosity these past few years. There has been moments when financially things have been tight, and we wondered how the needs would be met. We stood there unknowing of the path before us, scared to move forward, but fearful to remain stagnant. We wondered how the ends would meet, or if the ends were too frayed and too frazzled to stitch together. In all our wondering, we need not to have feared, God had our backs.

All around us there were hidden angels. They were disguised as the neighbor who dropped by with fresh deer meat, claiming he had too much and not wanting any to go to waste. Their wings were hidden beneath the flannel overcoat of a friend who just happened to give a quarter of the pecan harvest, as long as we were willing to crack and remove the shells. Their halos were disguised by the cowboy hat of a family member who dropped off sacks of new clothing for our little guy when we wondered what he would wear after a grow spurt. Their kind hearts glowed brightly as they patiently did all they could to assist with the day to day, while the Lord blessed me with a job to do from home.

My eyes well up just thinking about them....

Friends, we don't often know where the day will lead us, but I do know where I have been. And with every grocery trip, with every bill paid, I feel a gratefulness of spirit so deep that it is simply in-explainable with words. The ability to make a nourishing meal while the kiddo plays with his toys and the warmth from the heater radiating is a blessing from above. I am a blessed girl, with the love of a good man, the sweet hugs of a little boy, the promise from Him, and the kindness of angels here on earth.