Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Harvest Season

As the harvest season is nearing its close, I seem to finally have the time to sit and write about the last few months, if only for a moment. It seems like lately, I have been doing less and less of the "living" for technology, and more of the enjoy-life-now. I have been soaking up the sweet hugs and kisses of a growing two year old and taking the time to have one more cup of tea at the table with my husband. I see these other bloggers growing readership and followers, with giveaways and promotions, something I used to believe I too wanted. But, as of late, I have refocused and honed in my attitude and mentality--to grow where I am planted.

Gone are the days of comparison tactics, of holding up the proverbial measuring stick and seeing where I stack up against the rest. I used to think to myself that if others were capable of thwarting themselves into realms of success, than I too should be able to do so. If others could do it all, why couldn't I?

And the answer is simple, because I am Me.

Over the past few months, I've removed most distractions to really hone in on what I feel I should be doing. what is best for my family and I, what matters most to me, my perspective on life, and the how the hours are spent during the day. My conclusion has been undeniably simple--I want to serve Him, my family and friends. I want to go where He wants me to, and I want to be willing and able to do so. If I'm too busy focusing on how everyone else is doing or how I think I should be doing, than I inevitably miss my own calling.

You see, oftentimes, I will read about recipes, lifestyles, business ventures, blogging opportunities, homesteading operations, and I instantly feel as though I am drinking from a fire hose. Better yet, a geyser. The information can easily become overwhelming, simply pouring off the pages, leaving me treading water in a sea of unfulfilled expectation, implicated only by myself.

So, during this season of harvest and thanksgiving, I am reflecting on the deliberate life I live, and how much I enjoy living the life He gave me. The dream of feeding people continues to thrive here, as we have given away a few hundred pounds of food. Every time a basket or a bag of food leaves the farm, I feel a sense of pride and purpose, knowing that the food is going where it should. My hands are callused from the season and my muscles ache daily, but my heart is overflowing with love and pride for this land. This farm has become part of us, a simple dream to an answered prayer.

 A prayer that He answers in His timing....

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

One farm, one horse, three goats

It's been awhile since I took the time to post on ye olde blog, so let's give a quick rundown, shall we?

So far, we harvested a couple hundred pounds of produce, much of that being squash. The food pantry in town received most of it, while we shared with neighbors, friends, and friends of friends. The lettuce and spinach were devoured, the corn frozen, and the cucumbers are pickling. We lost a good amount of corn to the worms this year, but the horse and goats have had a blast eating the whole stalk.

The tomatoes are coming in nicely, and the okra loved last weeks rain. Green beans will hit the freezer this week, and I look forward to enjoying them this winter.

The farm looks like this:

It's our own secret garden out there, so peaceful and GREEN!! Such a change from our usual brown!

And in other news, our neighbor gave us a horse. Yes, a horse. He is the most kind and caring man, a rancher by trade, and his aging horse cannot be used to corralling cattle any longer, so she is with us now :) Her name is Laura, and we plan to breed her next spring, and give AJ, his very own horse.

We also now have 3 goats (2 of whom are pregnant) courtesy of our same neighbor. This farm is a-growin' folks and we couldn't be happier.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Days Are Long

The days are long, but oh so wonderful.

We have been busy on the farm.

Planting, planning, praying.

We fall to into bed, completely exhausted and utterly happy.

This, our dream, is happening.

And with His perfect timing, we had five days of rain.

It was the blessings pouring out from Heaven.

With every rain drop that fell, we sent prayers of thanksgiving, envisioning those who are hungry, coming the farm to fill their bellies and their baskets.

We pray for a great harvest, but already feel undeniably blessed to be the worker's for His purpose. It is for His glory, and we are but humble farmers.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

No, We're Not Busy...

So often I hear (and have said), following a passive "How are you?" immediately responded with "Busy".

When did busy become a rite of passage.

When did busy replace, healthy, happy, or wonderful.

When did busy become a state of mind and being, rather than a choice.

Something clicked in me a few weeks ago, and since then, this household has a change in schedule. This type-A Mama has thrown out the normal routine and traded it for something completely different, these times here are a-changin'.

So other than scheduled work for me and classes for my husband, we are not scheduling anything. We are working on living in the moment and allowing the day to take us where it may. Thus far, we have had more time for each other, spent more play time with AJ, accomplished many house projects, taken many more naps, tried new recipes, given baths at noon, and worked the land on the farm.

You could say that by unscheduling our lives, we have actually made more time for those things that matter. The laundry still gets washed. The house is cleaned. The meals are made. The land is tilled. And yet there is more time now than ever.

We have made time to visit with neighbors and take drives down country roads. We have finished projects we have been meaning to accomplish.

So yes, to some this is busy. But I don't want to classify this life and busy. We've been living, loving, and laughing. Nothing more, nothing less.

We have been working on becoming more intentional with our time, treasuring moments together. I have laughed more and smiled more in these past few weeks than I have in my entire life. We are carving out our own little oasis this side of Heaven.

And here I thought life couldn't get any better.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'll Never Be a "Jones"....

It's safe to say that the adage of "keeping up with the Jones'" doesn't exist around here.

In fact, they bypassed us eons ago. But, if I'm being totally honest, that's how we like it.

We traded corporate paychecks for time together.

We traded coffee shop lattes for freshly brewed coffee at the kitchen table.

We traded business attire for overalls and cowboy boots.

We traded hefty 401K's for a modest paycheck that pays the bills.

We traded dinners out to eat for homemade meals 3 times a day, 7 days a week.

 And while I commend those who go after and attain the things they desire, we are focused on one thing: how we spend our time. The number one regret people have is not having enough time to spend with loved ones, or pursue a passion, or achieve a dream. So while the outside world may look on and wonder why we chose this life, the answer is simple: we enjoy our time. 

I spend every day alongside my husband (and no, we don't drive each other nuts :) ). I work from home, and he goes to school from home. We farm here at home. We go to town when necessary, and usually together. Our dream is being lived out on this piece of Heaven on earth, and we willingly give the time necessary to cultivate and grow those dreams. 

We only have so many trips around the sun, and we plan on spending each one of those side by side, walking the road less traveled, hand in hand. 

We stop to enjoy the roses, after all, there's plenty of time.

Friday, February 14, 2014

To My Buddy

With just an hour left on his birthday, I sit down to strike away at the keys and etch in time, a year's worth of memories, moments of laughter, and heartfelt embraces, all from a little 2 year old.

Only now my son, you aren't so little.

I choke back tears, looking in awe at the little man you are today. I fight the tears, because there are Mama's and Dada's who don't know what it feels like to have to arms swing open with wild abandon and clench around your neck so tight, that the air escapes your lungs, and for a moment you are left breathless not by the impact, but by the fact that this small person, this once tiny infant, loves you that much.

My son, I love you that much.

I love the fact that come morning I know you will search the house and find your new toy airplanes and trucks opened today, but you will be wild with excitement tomorrow when you realize that they are, in fact, yours to keep. I love that you were happy to play in the field, and that we played cowboys and indians, with Grandma and Grandpa right there. I love that tomorrow we are extending the celebrating, and embracing another opportunity to encompass a full day about you. 

You have a tenacity for life, an inability to believe you can't do everything. You look towards the Heavens, and I know you know God. He has given you a stubborn streak a mile wide, but one that I find refreshing. You believe in yourself and you believe in those around you. I can feel you pressing me forward when I want to give up, a head-strong reminder that there is someone out there believing in me and always cheering me on. You test boundaries and push limits, but you do so, because you believe you can do more. That somehow everything will work out. Never lose that, it is a trait most adults forget about, but faith in your abilities and in yourself is priceless.

You are now two years old. I could say it flew by, but the truth is, I can't remember life before you. And I don't want to.

You are such a part of this family, a piece to the puzzle, that I find myself, praying for morning just to have more time with you. Your dad and I, will fail time and time again to convey how much we love you, and how proud we are of you. You are the gift we thank the Heavens for everyday. And tomorrow when we celebrate another day of you, I will take a moment and fight back the tears, wondering how on earth I deserve you.

Being your Mama is an honor.....

And I will love you forever, promise promise.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Like Mama says, "When you name a puppy, you'll keep it"

And just like when you give a stray a name, when you give a farm a name, it becomes yours.

In all our great brainstorming, in all our efforts to sound catchy and unique, we came upon the name, or rather my husband did: Humble Farms.

Humble because we are two mere people with nothing but a few seeds and a dream.

Humble because this endeavor is etched out on a forgotten back lot.

Humble because our great state is experiencing severe drought and yet, we pray for rain for the harvest.

Humble because we are not experienced farmers, but one content editor/wife/mother and one cowboy/college student/husband/father who refuse to believe that dreams aren't worth chasing.

Humble because we don't plan to sell much, but rather give these goods for nourishment and sustenance.

Humble because we had plans to improve the house and instead, believe God wants the funds spent in the garden.

Humble because we may appear to have so little and yet feel undeniably blessed.

Humble because life has amazed us at every turn.

1 Peter 5:6 "Humble yourselves, therefore, under God's mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time."

Our hands will plant the seeds, but it is by His hands that this is all happening.

the littlest farmer