Thursday, December 29, 2011

32 Week Photo

I know, I know....I can't believe it either. I am 32 weeks already! Oy!

I have been happily getting ready for this little man. I must say the nesting instincts are especially strong with me. I have almost scrubbed every inch of the house, and today, I decided to wash the pillow coverings and then proceeded to vacuum the couch because ya know it needed it :) The husband just chuckles when I get in my cleaning frenzy mood, and seeing as how it hits me once a day, he gets a good laugh quite often!

We have a few things to get for AJ (ie the crib, diapers, and some bottles), but things are quickly coming together. I am loving being pregnant (yes, even now). He is growing like a weed, letting me know just how big he is at the most inopportune times. Just a few days ago I had a video conference for work and he was swinging from my rib cage. Oh, and since I have yet to mention it, in the middle of the hubbub of the holidays and baby preparations, I began my new job as a math tutor for a university. It is all done online so I can be a Mama first and work second. I can make my own office hours and work whenever I can. This is definitely an answer to prayer, since I can work from home, my husband can continue to go to school, and we can both be here for our son and each other.

And without further adieu, here is the most recent photo of the belly bump

We are so grateful for this past year and looking forward to the next!

Happy New Year to everyone.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

May you all have a blessed Christmas! We have so much to celebrate, counting our blessings, and spending some quality time together.

My heart is overflowing this year, thank you all for your kind words, your time, and your friendship.

Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 19, 2011

On This Day...

This past week had me whirling and whizzing about the kitchen, making cookies, frosting cookies, tasting cookies, melting butter, and getting up extra early to start a fresh batch so the hubby could start his day off with a whiff of snickerdoodles in the morning.

I do believe I am finally done. There is just a batch of cinnamon rolls to bake later this week, but for now, the plan is, get this--to do nothing. To just savor it. To stop and reflect. To thank God for His Son. To celebrate a wonderful year. To give thanks for what I thought were hardships that have been transformed into blessings.

Our Christmas will be very quiet, just the hubby and his folks. There are family members we wish were closer, but they are close in our minds and in our hearts.

My husband and I were reflecting on this past year. We moved to another state, again. We started over in a place we knew nothing about. We get by on less than we ever had. We have given up things we thought we needed. And we have never been happier. Our laughs bellow from deep within, the kind of happiness that pours over. We talk about our hopes and our dreams, and how what we thought was unattainable is in fact a reality. We listen more, wait patiently (most of the time), and have seen our faith grow tenfold.

My only hope is that you all may have the kind of Christmas I am blessed to see and live every day.

Every day miracles....

Thursday, December 15, 2011

He's Growing!

Apparently, this lil kiddo likes his current home....

Because he is growing big and strong!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday's Happenings

This post has been deleted and backspaced for the past hour. My mind has a dozens of thoughts and no way to put my brain to the keys. That is until, I was in the kitchen baking my grandmother's chocolate truffles for the husband, and it hit me. I was finally able to put into words what this season has meant to me--it's been humbling.

I have been humbled by the outpouring of love people have shown our family. Thus far, we have been gifted baby bedding, a carseat and stroller combo, and a newborn swing. My mom and sister continue to send some clothes for our little guy, and friends have kindly given gently used items they are no longer needing. I am in awe of the constant stream of packages that seem to meander their way to our door. My heart is overflowing with appreciation for such kindness.

I have been humbled by my husband's love. He sat with me today, gently stroking my hair, telling me how much he loved me. He had plenty to do between work and school, but he took an extra few minutes to make me feel important. He then told me that he is so grateful to have married me and that I am all he will ever need for Christmas. There is so much I wish I could get him, but there he is, reminding me that nothing measures up to the gift of love.

I realize that my little home may not seem like much to many, but to the few, this home is a dream. I am feel so unbelievably blessed that we have our home, a place to lay our heads down at night, a place to share meals together, a place to grow our family. So much of what we think we need is a mirage. All we really need is each other.

And finally, I am humbled by God's love, by His Son, and this season. Without the babe in the manger, none of this would matter. God's love is what gets me through the days that seem to make you want to shriek and hide. His love is worth rejoicing, every day, all day, no matter the season.

Everyday miracles.

Monday, December 5, 2011

One Monday

I am continuously amazed at how life lessons never wane in existence, how faith is grown and nurtured daily. The everyday is enough to make most of us lose our noodles, but with prayer and petition, patience and kindness, faith and courage, the everyday evolves into something so much more. What was once laundry, chores, cooking, and work becomes a task gifted by God, not to be diminished in size or scope.

I'm not saying I'm some kind of superhero, but I have found gratefulness in the everyday. The routine, the balance, the ebb and flow of my life has become a sweet lullaby this past month, and I am convinced it has been God. It's His voice. It's His love. It's His action.

Rather than huff and puff my muddled way, I had to stop. Stop and listen. Stop and pray. Just stop. When I did, I heard His voice loud and clear, reminding me that despite my best efforts, I am not in the driver's seat. I cannot control the gas nor the brakes, I have no ability to steer. I can only sit back enjoy the scenery and breathe it all in.

I have my moments of doubt; there are moments when I want so badly to have that 'security' we have been told we need (i.e. 'X' amount of dollars saved, health/vision/dental insurance with low deductibles, two cars, entertainment money, and much more). Then I realize the only security blanket I need is Him. He is everything, and in an instant, all those worldly things we are told to secure, can be taken away. I am placing my stock in Him. I'm betting on Him.

I'm counting my blessings this year, and enjoying the season so much more, with a much more 'simplified' Christmas. It's amazing how much time is freed up when you are not running around like mad trying to find 'the' gift. God has taken away everything I thought I needed so I could be left with all I have ever wanted--my husband, a baby on the way, a cozy home, and His love.

The gift of love is freely given and openly received.

Just some everyday miracles.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The 28 Week Photo

I do believe he is growing like crazy....

I woke up the other morning and my stomach had almost doubled in size! I think he just wants to be a big boy!