Thursday, December 2, 2010

Man Alive!!!

So normally, I write about how wonderful everything is and try and make my life sound like daisies and roses.....somebody squished my daisies and roses today. Here I am flipping through these blogs filled with uplifting words and happy moments, Christmas ornaments and homemade quilts, Mom's who are patiently homeschooling their children and recipes of feasts fit for a king.....and yet my ugly green monster roars on.

My husband has a code saying for the time when I am less than peachy, he calls it "my ugly green monster". It is the blanket answer for my rantings, my irritability, and my inability to make any sense at all. Much like this blog entry apologies ahead of time. The day began with our old insurance company deducting money from the account after I had already canceled this insurance since it no longer applies where we live. The bank from which this money was deducted is only located where we used to live, and because we no longer use this account, there were overdraft fees involved too. I called the insurance company and they replied, "We can send you a check in two weeks." TWO WEEKS!

The woman proceeded to tell me that I could then take the check to the bank. First of all, unless they are willing to send the money for the overdraft as well, I don't think so. Second, the nearest sister bank is hundreds of miles I have that kind of time. Third, gas ain't cheap....

So after finally getting her to understand to simply replace the money, I made some headway...not my most glamorous moment, but I'm far from perfect. I knew this was going to be a long day, when the coffee maker almost got it--there is a warning beep to tell you the coffee is ready, and the beeping happened prematurely, unleashing my wrath to completely destroy a perfectly good appliance. Luckily, it was only in my imagination that I yanked the tiny beeping mechanism out!

It's not yet lunchtime, and I know this is the day where I should avoid the telephone, the bills, and all things hot, breakable, or pointy. At least this posting has been cathartic. Maybe today will be a day of writing and long as the coffeemaker is quiet. Take care everyone....thank you for listening!

At least he doesn't have a green monster! Patience of a saint!


Knitty said...

I had a day like this yesterday. I know in the grand scheme of things, it was nothing, but as each little thing went wrong it didn't feel that way. Isn't sleeping and waking up to a whole new day a wonderful cure for this malady?

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I'll be back to visit again soon. :) said...

what an awesome blog!! thank you for visiting me :-) i have an inner monster too. it comes around pms time and shes really very bad ;-) i started taking complex vit b around pms time to see if it would help and it seems to be. how neat that you publish childrens books!! i love writing and i hope someday i can write books too. right now blogging is my creative outlet. I'm also an Emergency Dept Nurse :-) Lovely blog!! Looking forward to getting to know you :-)