Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Blessings!

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you are enjoying this time of year, as much as I am. I have so much to be grateful for (including the fact that my hubby is off now til next week, no present means more than having him home!)....the cookies are baked, the fudge is done, the presents are wrapped, and soon I will curl up with a book and some hot tea....I'm trying my darndest to kick this icky bug that has been lingering around since last weekend.

I must confess, I had the chance to go shopping with my Mother in Law today, and I totally opted out. You know why?

No, it's not because I do not enjoy my Mother in Law's company (I actually adore her to pieces!) it's because there are two things I cannot stand in life: 1. Shopping and 2. Crowds....perfect storm had I gone today. So, rather than lose all my marbles, I decided to clean my house, get ready for the festivities, wash all the laundry including bed spreads, walk the dog, pay some bills, grab a quick workout, and now I should put in some office hours.

I hope all of you are not caught up in the crowds, and if you are God-speed (unless you really enjoy shopping in which case can you please explain the activity to me :) )....

Merry Christmas and Warm Wishes


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Kelli said...

LOVE that pick of you, pretty lady! :) You look like you might possibly be up to something... ;)

Prayers that the nasty bug vacates the premises and that you are able to enjoy every single moment that you have your hubs at home. :)

A merry and blessed Christmas to you, Jaclyn! :)