Friday, August 31, 2012

Standing Outside the Spotlight

I was offered a job this week.

A dream job.

A forty-hour work week job.

A retirement fund job.

A job I would have jumped to take a year ago.

Before I became a Mom.

I struggled over these last few days, just to make it into town for a meeting, and then this morning, with spit-up on my t-shirt, slobber on my fingers, and a hungry baby in my arms, I realized that I have a job. The best job in the world.

So I politely called back the place I would have attended Monday through Friday, and turned down the position. It was the best decision, and the gentleman I had been talking to, told me that if I found myself with some spare time when the little one gets older, to give him a ring, and he would give me some part-time work.

The thing is, this job would have been one of those titles that parent's brag about in their yearly Christmas letters. It was the job you tell your kiddos about. It was a job that placed you in the spotlight.

Sometimes, we are not meant to be in the spotlight. I believe there are some of us who are destined for quiet work, for work that goes unseen by everyone else, except Him. In order for others to shine, to have their time in the spotlight, it takes the support of others who stand outside the limelight to help them reach their potential.

I will continue to write from home, and I will continue to look for a job that I can do from home, while looking after my little one and still taking care of my family. God answered my prayer when He showed me the importance of my daily chores. Whether the day includes laundry, cleaning, cooking, or taking time to love on my family and friends, the need is filled when I am home. My heart is here, and as much as I may enjoy the thought of a wee little fame, my biggest fans are here at home.


Cheyenne said...

Your blog is seriously one of the most refreshing---it feels 100% honest.

There is no better job or place to be but exactly where God wants you to be. I'm so happy YOU are HAPPY with your decision. You are doing an amazing job with your little one. Absolutely amazing.

Claudia said...

Funny how priorities change when you have children. Sometimes I think something like that comes along in order for you to reassess those priorities and be clear about what you want. It sounds like you have a job in the future, should you be interested.

Mrs.Rabe said...

You have made a great choice! We can never get these early years back. Time just marches forward. The gifts you give daily to your family of joy, peace, meals prepared, music played, books read, tummies tickled, smiles given....these are of great value that you can't put a price on!

Happy Sunday Jaclyn!


Leigh said...

You will never regret that decision. You know, when my kids were in 1st and 4th grade, I asked them which they would rather have, me at home all the time, or me working so we could have money for more toys and activities and meals at McDonalds. Without hesitating they said in unison, "Have you home!"