Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When a cold slows you down....

You know the famous children's book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", well last week the world gave the little one a cold and that in turn gave me ample time to think and reflect. Time to pray. Time to think.

I realized a few things about myself that I was too afraid to acknowledge before. Lo and behold, I have found myself seeking out God and His promises. I feel as though I fell into the 'safe zone' with God, not willing to jump off the cliff. Sure, I dabbled over the edge, even let my toes curl around the lip of the cliff and looked to the great void below. But I never jumped. I have held onto my own capabilities, tricking myself into believing that I was passionately living for God. More than anything, I want to throw myself from the cliff, believing that God alone will catch me. He will keep me from falling, but in order to fly, to soar above, I have to let go.

There are big things on the horizon, and whilst, I would welcome the change of events, it is up to Him. Like my husband told me, when you let go, when you truly give in, the sun feels different. The air is lighter. The world's colors are brighter.

 And you know what, he was right.

Sometimes, the daily go, go, go can keep you from realizing the dreams before you. The hours pass, and the days go by in a blur. Years pass and we realize the life we wanted is not the one we have.

I want to write another book.

I want to do something to change the world.

I want to love my family more with each passing day.

I want to support my husband in all his endeavors.

I want to leave a legacy of love, faith, and joy.

And it's all in the letting go.


Leigh said...

Lovely post! And so true for all of us. It's all about trust, isn't it?

Libbie said...

Look at him! He is growing up too fast! :) Such a doll!!! I will pray that he gets well fast!

I love all the dreams & inspiration you have laid out! Time to think is powerful isn't it :) God is pretty amazing isn't he :) He has blessed you with lots of cretivity Jaclyn!

Oh & thanks for the sweet comment yesterday too! I move having friendships across the whole world! So fun to share in each others lives :)