Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mom Strength

                       (From when I was a wee one, with my older sister and baby brother...)

On those nights when the day's activities are done, everyone is tucked away in their beds, and you are left with a mountain of work to do, that's when you find the Mom Strength. The ability to push aside you own wanton desire to close your heavy eyelids, and press on to prep the morning's breakfast.

You go the extra mile to wash a favorite blankie or make your husband's sack lunch. You flip through the cookbooks and defrost the chuck roast. You load and run the dishwasher.

You prep the coffeemaker, so in the morning, it's ready with just the flip of a switch. You place the stamps on the bills, resting them by the side table, closest to the door.

You yawn and stretch, praying that time would stop whilst you sleep.

You fold blankets that were once the walls to the fort. You let the dog out on more time, and pick up a random shoe, looking for its pair. You put the toy trucks back in the toy box.

You let the dog back in, and together, the two of you walk quietly down the hall.

You know the morning will come too soon. You know the alarm will sound in a few hours. You could have waited to do this tomorrow, but then you would have missed time with them.

And that my friends, is mom strength.


Amish Stories said...

Just saying hello folks! Richard

Cheyenne said...

Yes...I also think it's where mom insanity comes from. Oh, how I related to this post. I bet this is a post all mom's hearts just sigh reading...because we all just know. Just make sure every once in awhile, you put that good mom strength on hold and crawl into bed, because we all need that extra hour just once in awhile.

I thought I was the only one who prayed time would stop while we are sleeping...or somehow it would feel like we had four or five extra hours.

Oh, sleep? when will you come back to us. Send me some extra mom strength-will you?

PS---You write so eloquently. I just soak up your words!

Leigh said...

Love it! So true and I'd like to add that mom strength is obviously love powered.