Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Lamp Unto My Feet

This past week, we celebrated my birthday at our house. It was a perfectly wonderful day, full of well wishes, laughter, and good food. While it was quiet to most, I enjoyed my quiet time with the baby while my husband was out, and then a few family members gathered for dinner later. I was completely overwhelmed by the outpouring of gifts, feel rather silly for my mentality earlier this week. You see, I had been looking around my home thinking I wish this or that was new. I wish that piece of furniture was a different color. I wish my home had hardwood floors, new appliances, pristine windows with delicate curtains, and a wraparound porch out front.

My heart was in the wrong place. That was until my husband reeled it back in for me.

It has been a few years since my husband and I exchanged gifts. For some reason, there is always something else that takes precedence over gifts, something like the water bill or the electricity or car get the point.

So this year, I was shocked to find that he had a gift ready. When I opened it up, I found two cherry red kerosene lamps! For most women, this gift seems like a buyout, but let me give you a little background info.

I have been talking about kerosene lamps for a year. There were ones in red that I adored, and I kept telling my husband how wonderful it would be to light lamps outside around a fire pit. (He just so happens to be building one in the coming weeks on our property!). I imagined the ambiance, the gentle glow of the lamps illuminating the night air, whilst the stars twinkled overhead. I could hear the fire crackling, with the smell of wood and coffee wafting through the breeze. We could have a camp cookout here at home, and enjoy the beauty of being together.

(And as a bonus, they work outside for when we have a power outage, which happens frequently in the sticks!)

It was then that I realized how selfish I had been. I was focusing solely on what I wanted and what I didn't have rather than seeing what I have already been given. Sure the stove acts up from time to time, and the carpet is a hodge-podge of colors. There are some pieces of furniture that I am looking forward to painting to give them a face lift. With a little organization and a little love, all will be new again!

Those lamps will provide hours and hours of light and enjoyment beneath the vast night sky for the whole family. To think that my husband saved a little whenever he could, sparing a lunch here or there, pocketing any spare change. Those lamps will allow for endless memories, and I will always remember the lesson they taught me and how my husband saved all he could to give me something worth every penny.

Since no post is complete without a picture, here is the latest one of the little guy. He can officially sit up all on his own.

And that is why life is in the details. Beauty is in the details.


Cheyenne said...

First things first, your little man is truly a sweetheart. Hooray for sitting up on your own! What a new stage!

Friend, your posts are always a gentle reminder & a word of encouragement----so eloquently written.

Seriously Jaclyn, along with your children's books, you should compile these posts and have them published. I have especially loved reading so much you have written since you have had your baby (before too, but I think babies unite mom's.) It would make an awesome book for new mother's and I would be first in line to buy.

Think about it. :)

You are doing a great job!

PS---red kerosene lamps sound divine! ha!

Allison said...

Happy Birthday! What a sweet reminder your post was. I hope that this year is filled with joy! We miss you both and hope to get a chance to meet your little one face to face. Praying for you tonight for all that God has in store you and your wonderful family.

Love you!

Rachel said...

Hey, I hopped on over from Cheyennes blog!
Love your blog! Can't wait to read more! :)

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

He is so big!!! What a sweetie. Happy birthday!

Laura at By the Bushel said...

Thankyou for sharing. I'm at a 15 year anniversary... trying to balance my thoughts. knowing the realities of what our 'real-time' looks like and what's going on in my head. this post spoke to me. Thanks, Laura
visiting by way of Edie.