Friday, August 3, 2012

In This Moment

I have always been a girl who thrived off of to-do lists, checking off each task as I finished them up. I like lists. I understand lists. Lists give my day parameters, adding structure to the chaos.

Today, I threw out the list.

And it was wonderful.

The baby fell asleep in my arms at noon, and rather than set him down, I snuggled him close and fell asleep alongside him. He will only be little for so long. There will come a day when he no longer wants me to hold him close. When he is grown, it won't matter if the laundry was done, or if the house was clean, or if dinner was made by 6. What will matter is the time spent together, knowing that each moment is just as it should be, and that savoring those moments is what makes everyday moments forever memories.

So there we stayed, snuggling close and letting the day be what it may.

Sometimes you have to throw out the book, forget the to-do list, and just live in the moment.

And with that smile, my world is complete.


Dayle @ A Collection of This and That said...

What a precious smile. Live in the moment, yes. Tomorrow will come soon enough.

Knitty said...

I did that the other day with my grandson. He fell asleep with his head in my lap for almost two hours. He won't always snuggle up to me for naps and there wasn't anything that I needed to do that couldn't wait a while longer.

Big dust bunnies are healthy dust bunnies anyway. ;-)

Mrs.Rabe said...


Oh, how quickly the days go youngest is now 7...7! Wasn't he just that snuggle buggle boy?

You will never regret the time spent...and you can't ever get it back.