Sunday, September 25, 2011

The 18 Week Update

*Disclaimer....I had every intention of doing this much sooner, but I had a "minor" kitchen accident this week involving boiling chicken broth and my poorly placed right hand. I have some unfortunate looking scald marks, although all is well now. Especially now that I can use my hand again!!

These past few weeks have been some amazing ones. I have been able to feel this lil mover and shaker, and some punches or kicks have definitely caught my attention. I have relished having some energy back, it's such a sweet relief from the first trimester!

I don't have any cravings really, just as long as it is not take out or fast food. Both make me queasy just thinking about it. (This still stands true despite my chicken stock fiasco...)

So here is the little one growin' away!!

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend...


Bekah said...

isnt it amazing how you almost forget how it feels to NOT feel like crap?! Im glad you are feeling better! Sorry about the chicken broth incident...I always manage to really hurt myself at least once during pregnancy!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Sweet photo!

Be careful in the kitchen! I had a friend who was very clumsy during her pregnancies!

You look beautiful!


McFarland-Higgins family said...

Yay!! You look beautiful! Hope that hand is okay, my dear. Pat that belly and give her/him happy wishes from VA!

Cheyenne said...

I hope your hand really is feeling much better. That sounds crazy, scary, and really painful. I'm so sorry.

You look so great-as per usual. Oh the fun that is going to come...and then when they are a lil bit bigger, it's like having a little friend with you all the time. Nothing is more glorious than motherhood. You will love. it.