Friday, September 2, 2011

Settling in for the coming Fall...

The beginning of September always makes me think of Fall. I start dreaming of craft projects, crocheting baby blankets, Fall wreaths with orange and red ribbon, visiting a pumpkin patch, and drinking fresh batches of apple cider.

I am just waiting for the day when it's cool enough to open the windows up and bake a batch of homemade cookies. This week we are supposed to see some cooler temperatures (nothing too chilly, but just better than 115 degrees!), and maybe, just maybe, my husband and I could enjoy a nice cup of tea out on the porch one night this week.

This small moments, the times of family and home mean so much to me. In these moments, I feel fulfilled and completely at peace. I am looking forward to this coming season and all that it has to offer.

Happy Weekend.


McFarland-Higgins family said...

Isn't autumn the best?! Especially after a hot summer. I have a recipe for ginger molasses cookies that are our fall favorites. I started baking them ten years ago when I was suffering from morning sickness and they helped soothe my tummy. I will post them one day this week as I am feeling the fall-itch, too!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Autumn is my favorite!

Cooler days ahead!


Kelli said...

My FAVORITE season! :) I've already started feeling the baking and cooking urge that seem to come over me each fall. I have a yummy spice bar recipe, too. I'll have to share it at Kelli's Kitchen. :)

heartland farmhouse said...

Just think! Next year at this time you can be thinking about taking your own little pumpkin to the pumpkin patch!
Happy Long Weekend to you! :)