Thursday, September 8, 2011

16 Weeks Post (One Day Late....ahem)

I will be posting a new baby bump picture soon, just didn't get around to taking one today, and now I am comfy in my jammies :)

I've seen on blogs how some women write about specific things happening during their pregnancy, so I thought I would give a quick rundown in my own sort of way!!

Size of Baby: The baby is about five inches right now!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Well, I have put on about 7 pounds, but at this point I am pretty convinced it is all situated in the bust area.....seems to me when you have to buy three sizes up in your bust, some weight must be counterbalanced there :)

Maternity Clothes: My very best friends are Belly Bands! My aunt sent me a white one and a black one, and since I only need a lil extra room in my current pants, they work like magic!! I do have some maternity clothes that definitely come in handy on those days when clothes seem far to constricting!!

Gender: We have a sneaking suspicion this lil one is a girl!! But then again, we have a 50/50 shot, ha!

Movement: Last week, I had a dream that the baby kicked and I woke up right away! I have felt a few little tickles, and during yesterday's appointment, my midwife found the heartbeat on the doppler and then the lil one quickly scurried away!! So sweet.

Sleep: It's not bad, but then again, I am not the world's best sleeper :) Working from home has its perks, so I sleep when I need to.

Cravings: I make a smoothie everyday with yogurt, milk, spinach, berries, and a banana. I look forward to it every single afternoon!

Best Moment this Week: At yesterdays appointment, we heard the heartbeat again, and I promise, that sound never gets old. It's like Christmas morning every single time!!

I promise to post a picture soon, I thought I would spare you all the messy hair and yoga pants :)


Cheyenne said...

I seriously am just so, so happy for you! Reading your post is a little taste of Christmas morning for me! :)

You put spinach in that yummy sounding smoothie? It sounds like the spinach would be yeeeeuck with everything else. I will take your word for it! :)

Best of luck!

Knitty said...

I'm not picturing the spinach either, but I'm sure it is good for you. Can't wait to see your next profile photo. :D