Sunday, January 30, 2011

Giving It My All

Life never fails to amaze me....

It seems like the moment I have something figured out, life has a small hiccup, a change of heart, a turn in the once straight path.

If I had known a year ago what path lay ahead, I would have laughed hysterically and said you must have the wrong girl. "My life is far too unpredictable, God doesn't use people like me for big things", is what I would have told you. Wrong girl, wrong time, wrong, wrong, wrong.....

Ahem, well, I guess I am somewhat special. Every day I feel my heart growing and swelling a little more for things I never even imagined. Like going back to school to get my master's degree. I was sure my schooling was behind me, but God has something in store for me, and this scared, shy, quiet little girl is ready to jump feet first into another great adventure.

And husband and I are talking more and more about adopting little ones down the road, whilst enjoying our little family now. We are a complete unit, happy to be the three of us, and patiently waiting for the day we expand our arms to welcome someone else.

And moving....again. To a place with land, room to farm and grow the nourishment we need from the earth, from the very land God created. To give way to a life that is even more simple than we ever imagined, a life that is all about church on Sunday mornings and planning the harvest months in advance. A time that I thought for sure was lost, and if God deems it so, will be my reality.

The adventure is afoot, and I can't wait to see what is in store for my little family. I guess I'm more important than I thought....we all are.


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Oh, I really like this. :) It seems you and I are on a similar wavelength these days!

LLJ said...

: )
I am happy to get a glimps into your adventure!

Cheyenne said...

AH! Lady, I was just reading through your blog and was going to leave a comment telling you to check out FPFG blog and came on here to comment and see she has commented on this very same post. I love her blog, it's been an encouragement to me and reading through her adoption series has been FANTASTIC. Lots better than some of the piles of adoption books I've read.

God bless you on this next journey in your life in your move to Texas. I can't wait to hear all about.