Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Give Me Time

This morning, Molly and I went for our usual walk. The sun was shining, the air was chilly, and the breeze was blowing perfectly. My husband had to leave for work, which always seems to leave me a little sad, even though he does this five days a week. I guess I have attachment issues, and wish somehow, someway we could work together from home. When you find your best friend, you want to do everything you can to be near that person all the time....or maybe that's just me. (Does anyone have a ranch that they need a small family to run, working for room and board? Just lemme know :) )

So on this walk, I got to thinking about these past two years. For those of you who follow, you know I was mugged/assaulted a year and a half ago, and then a six months ago we lost our first baby. Since then I have fought a daily battle with anxiety and the universal question of "what if" this or that I was walking, I began to pray. I began to pray for anyone I knew of in need. I began to pray for those who don't know God, and for those who find themselves bobbing along, not sure where the storm will take them.

These past two years have provided me with an opportunity to grow in my faith, and to really understand what it means to trust God. And for the first time, I am thankful for these past few years, as they have molded and shaped me, tested me and pushed me, stretched me and scared me, and made me cling tighter to the Lord than I ever have. I know my story will one day help someone, and I know every day that I rely on God, I am honoring His work and trusting in His ability to show me a love beyond all measure.

So let this mark the start of a new day, days spent more in Scripture and in prayer, days of thanksgiving and not the have-nots, days of comfort and peace in His friendship, days where I remember to smile, and days where He wipes away my tears.

Here's to new days......


Kelli said...

Yes,'s to new days! :) Such a hopeful and lovely post, my friend. Keep that attitude! :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a beautiful post.

All we can do is cling to the Lord and find Him able to do above and beyond what we ask for.

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I hope you do visit again and again. I'd like to know you!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I agree with Mrs. Rabe...what a beautiful post! When my husband and I went through the trials in our marriage, I wouldn't have wished those times on anyone, yet I can look back and be so thankful for the way God brought us through it and the work He did in our lives drawing us to Him during that time.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Kathy said...

Having gone through some very difficult and trying trials - not personally as you - I have dug my feet deep into my faith. I have known the LORD 23 years - have loved and trusted Him all along, but never truly so much since the last few years - so glad I stopped by -
keeping you in my heart and prayers,