Sunday, November 7, 2010

Unpacking Boxes

Well, we made it safe and sound to our new home....took my mom to the airport last night, and now, its just my husband, the dog, and myself. I thought for sure, my heart would still be in a million little pieces this morning, but somehow a piece found its place this morning. Maybe tomorrow, another one will find its place, and soon it won't hurt so much. I miss my family more than words can say, more than I could ever properly depict in a blog, but I take them with me in that piece that found its way back this morning.....

(And in case you are wondering, Molly girl, decided to lay on my lap for about 5 hours of the trip and she weighs 65 lbs! Total Mama's girl!)

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Kelli said...

Bless your heart! That's a tough position in which to find yourself. :( My heart aches for you. But I also believe that you'll be happy again before you know it. :) Each day you will feel a little more at home until before you know it, you're happy again! God gave us the amazing ability to adapt and He is still right there with you. :) Enjoy your new home and I hope your husband is happy with his new job. God bless.