Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Since moving to Colorado just a week and a half ago, my creative mind has kicked into gear!! I was flipping through some books (to get me through the LONG winter here!) and I came across the recipe for essential oils and a few sewing projects! I am so excited!

See, I have always loved to stay home....every since I was a little one, home is where I am the most happy. Sure, I have no problem going out and about to run errands, visit family, and be outdoors, but my heart is always at home. That is why I am so grateful my husband works diligently so I am able to write my books are articles from home.

I can't hardly wait to begin my projects! Molly and I already spent some time outside this morning, since the sun is shining down so warmly and sweetly this morning :) Never know when the snow will make its appearance! I will keep everyone posted on my homemade projects...now on to some writing. Have a wonderfully blessed Tuesday.

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Kelli said...

Have fun being creative! :) I'm always happiest at home, too. There's no place like it. :) My little Tucker Man is the same; he'd rather be at home than anywhere else. I love that he feels that way, too. Makes a mama feel that she's doing her job pretty well, you know? ;)

Can't wait to see your projects!