Monday, November 1, 2010

Strength in His Embrace...

In just a matter of hours, my husband and I will make a trek that will forever change our lives. You see, my husband's job is transferring us 1100 miles away from the place where I have spent my entire life. The place where I went to grade school, the place where my family is, the place where I became the woman I am today.

I keep telling myself that we are lucky to have such a chance in hard economic times, a chance most would give anything to have. And I am grateful, but the hard part is, my heart is breaking. I will be seeing "See ya soon" to my family (I don't like saying good-bye, its too finite), and my heart is in pieces. I pray for God's strength and His guidance, I pray for His comfort and peace.

Great things await me, and I know my marriage will be stronger for it....Looks like I will be getting my white Christmas after all.

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