Friday, January 18, 2013

Time Heals Old Wounds

Never has a saying rang ever true than this one.....

Just the other day, the hubby and I were talking about where we have been and where we hope to be headed. We have walked through hard times together, holding on and remaining strong together. We have had our fair share of hiccups and heartbreaking moments, but we remained steadfast and committed. We vowed to walk this road together, unsure of the switchbacks, hills, and steep climbs that lay ahead. We trudged on together.

And over the course of miles and miles, we have come upon a road well traveled and worn. We don't know the way, but we trust in the capabilities of our Creator and each other to see this through. We don't feel the need to flee or run for cover anymore. Our hearts were shattered in tiny pieces and throughout this journey, God had begun to put the pieces back in place.

With the dawn of a new day came the promise of new opportunity. We spent less time looking back and more time looking forward. With our eyes set to the horizon, we took a deep breath, knowing that He alone knows the path. So instead of fumbling about trying to figure this journey we call life out, we tossed the map aside and gave in to faith.

Those days consumed by darkness helped to bring us to a place of light and life. For that reason alone, we will be ever grateful of such heartache. This is the time for positive affirmations, happy memories, belly laughs, and cheek-pinching smiles. Our hearts are light as we rejoice in coming through the darkness. This light will not be taken for granted and should we be faced with darkness again, we will walk and we will wait for the light that comes in time.


Kelli said...

Oh my GOODNESS! Look at that doll baby! :) He is just precious, Jacklyn! You are so very blessed!

And you are also very wise. It is only through the darkness that we are truly able to appreciate the light. :)

Leigh said...

I have to agree about that handsome cowboy, so cute!

Lovely post. You said the word early on, it takes commitment. To one another and to trusting in God. Too many folks rely on feelings and that is a wrong way to go if there ever was one.