Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Few Random Notes

  • First off, this may be short since I sliced my finger on a mandolin today making sweet potato chips. Ouchie.....(never mind the fact that my other thumb just healed from a carving knife fiasco).
  • My son started walking! He took his first step on 12/21/12 and now there is no stopping him! I'm pretty sure that by his first birthday he will be at a full-fledged sprint.
  • The weather here in Texas has been bone-chilling cold and I am loving it! Soup is in the works again this week as is some homemade bread. I can smell the bread baking in the oven as we speak.
  • I am now up to three jobs.....yep, that's me. No sleep, and none of those jobs are counted under the mommy/wife column. But that's okay. God will give me the strength I need to see this season of life through. My family is depending on me to see to it that the bills get paid, especially since my husband is in school full time. Time to circle the wagons.
  • We will be celebrating a first birthday very soon! The theme is a cowboy/chili cookout. I have plans of decorating with hay bales, mason jars, candles, cowboy gear, and red and white checkered tablecloths. (90% of these items are already in my house!). We are going to cook the chili outside over the open fire pit. It will be low-key, simple, cozy, and one down home, good ole honky tonk!
  • If I get ahead of myself, I begin to wonder how I will manage to get through the coming days, but  I trust in God and His ability to see me through. 
  •  That picture shows how we do chores now....he screams at the top of his lungs if he sees me outside and doesn't get to come. So we compromised. He bundles up and sits with a toy or two in his stroller while I work. I'm pretty sure he has the better end of the deal!
  • And now I must wrap this up....typing sans a thumb is getting to be tricky. Bring on the week ahead!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Praying for God to strengthen you and wisdom for you and your husband in parenting your sweet little man!

So fun to see them learn new things!


Lauren Edmondson said...

oh no! finger injuries are always horrible since they take forever to heal. Praying you heal quickly so all the activities ahead aren't difficult!

Rachel said...

Ouch!! I always have bad luck with sharp kitchen knives... my poor fingers! It's a wonder I still have them all! :P Hope yours heal up quick!!

The birthday party sounds great, love some good ole chili, and even better out on the open fire!! Y'all have fun!!