Monday, January 28, 2013

Here, in this Place

The sight of a child laughing wildly at the leaves blowing by.

The heavy, earthly smell of a good farm dog, laced with sweat from the day's work.

The sweet, crisp morning air etched in a glimmering fog.

The checking off of chores from the to-do list, making way for puzzles, long walks, and sticky baby fingers.

The warmth and protection of his hand on my back as he leads me into a room.

The smell of homemade bread and the promise of full bellies.

The blessing of work and the provision it provides.

The thing called family, a piece of Heaven on Earth.


Lauren H. Edmondson said...

love this peaceful post, I love being able to put things aside and make time to kiss "sticky baby fingers" haha.

Cheyenne said...

Love the feeling I get when I visit your place here...

You fill me up!

Yes, we can be grateful, can't we? Even when it all seems so mundane, it really is wondrous, isn't it?