Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What Do You Say?

I wasn't sure if or how I would attempt to write this post.

My everyday life has gone on like normal. We went to visit Santa (at our library nonetheless since we don't have a department store of any sort) and then we got our Christmas tree. Our little family had a wonderful time, and together, we made Christmas ornaments. It was what memories are made of.

But there are those who don't have that normal anymore.

I'm sure it goes without saying, but what happened in Conneticut, brought us to our knees. My husband and I both couldn't help but think about the children and adults affected by that day. Heaven's gates were much too busy on Friday, and there will be a hole this Christmas for too many families.

We took extra time this weekend. We smiled more. We laughed louder. We held hands just because. We threw out the lists and chose to live in the moment. We decided to honor those who left this world with our lives.

And now, we are continuing to honor them by taking what we gleaned from this weekend and applying everyday. The arguments dissipate. Snide remarks go unsaid. We are relishing in the time we have together, the now and not the later. We have chosen love, family, patience, kindness, peace.

I couldn't help but think as I began to fret about getting everything done this Christmas that there are Mom's and Dad's who were fretting about the same thing, and now their kiddos will not be home for Christmas. That is an ache and a pain so deep that words would elude anyone trying to convey it. So I threw out the lists, and even now, we still don't have lights on the house and we decided to bake just one type of cookie. There is no rush, no hustle and bustle, only a peace that has descended upon our home. We are focusing our eyes on God, and thanking Him for this time together.

I hope and pray that this Christmas, you may also find peace, joy, and a love so deep that your heart overflows. Let that overflow spill over to those who need it, and may we all remember that we know not the time or the hour, and all we have is right now.

Merry Christmas my dear friends.

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Mrs.Rabe said...


I think the tragedy has caused people to focus on what is really important. Hopefully that will last.

Fixing our eyes on Him is the best way to live all the time!

We all must keep short accounts and cherish the moments we've been given.

Blessed Christmas to you and your men!