Thursday, December 13, 2012

Breathing for a Moment

There is much to learn from the lessons our little ones can teach us. I find myself amazed at how such a little person carries with them so much knowledge.

I watch as he readies to take his first step. Each time he goes to walk, he isn't quite there, but he tries nonetheless. Perseverance.

His laughter bellows from deep in his belly, a sound filled with happiness and contentment. Joy.

He sits quietly with the sun's rays dancing around his feet. Peace.

Whenever someone walks into the room, his face lights up with excitement at the sight of you. Benevolence.

His chubby little fingers reach out and touch my face, singing a song straight to my heart. Love.

One of the greatest joys has been learning from my son to be patient and understand that things take time. Just the other day, I told him to be patient and to take his time, and no sooner did I finish saying those words, did I realize that I should take my own advice more often. I have grown impatient with some aspects of life, refusing to recognize that all I need to do is wait. We have grown accustomed to thinking that everything needs to happen now, or rather yesterday. I have been camped in this school of thought for far too long, and as I watch my son try over and over to learn something new, and rejoice in the moment that he figures it out, I want to do the same.

I want to keep trying, and despite failing, I want to get up over and over again. I want to have the moment of pure elation when I realize the very thing I worked so hard for has come to fruition.

There is much to be learned from 'taking our time'. When the days seem rushed and the hours flint by, remember to take a moment, to find your inner kiddo and just give it time.

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Kelli said...

Amen! Your little sweetie is at the perfect age to teach you this lesson but I warn he gets older it will be a difficult lesson to remember. Grab it tightly and do your best to not let go! My kids are so busy with all the things that kids do and sometimes life feels rushed and frantic. I keep telling myself how these days will be gone all too soon and I'll have only the memories. But what sweet memories they'll be, because my kids are happy and active and enjoying their childhood. :)