Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rolling Around My Head

Lately, I've had a lot of time to think.

A lot.

I spend about six hours a day pumping (mind you, that is also including the quiet midnight hours), and about four more hours feeding and burping a baby. Altogether, I'm pulling 8 to 5 office hours without the stale coffee and gossip around the water fountain. Which gives me ample time to think about everything--whether it is prayer for a friend, or a possible job to bring in income, or ways to be a better mom, or how I still can't manage to make everyone happy, or my professional life, my brain lacks little in speed and proficiency.

You would think that sleep deprivation would cause some kind of delay in brainwave patterns, but alas, I'm led to believe that my mind thrives with less sleep, while my body enthusiastically objects.

I had an idea for a children's book one night during a late night feed. I thought about all the things I want to remember about my son being little, and all the things I have loved doing with him thus far. I thought about the daily routine--bathtime, tummy time, playtime--and I want to commemorate these memories. Freeze them in time and etch them into a little piece of history. Maybe I will make that my second book......God will guide my hand.

On the topic of my little man, he is doing wonderfully. He eats on average 36 oz a day (yes, that is 2.4 lbs a day!) and he is growing like a weed. He is always so active and moving that he burns through his food in no time! He is not excessively chubby, but with how much he moves that doesn't surprise me. He loves to coo and scream and squeal whenever my husband and I talk to one another. It seems like he wants to put his two cents in as well. I have a feeling that once he figures out how to crawl, he is going to have me constantly on my toes!

Here is the sweet little man on one of our walks...his hat was still a little too big!

And this one was from nap time.

He has made my life unequivocally wonderful, just as my husband and Molly have too.

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