Monday, December 19, 2011

On This Day...

This past week had me whirling and whizzing about the kitchen, making cookies, frosting cookies, tasting cookies, melting butter, and getting up extra early to start a fresh batch so the hubby could start his day off with a whiff of snickerdoodles in the morning.

I do believe I am finally done. There is just a batch of cinnamon rolls to bake later this week, but for now, the plan is, get this--to do nothing. To just savor it. To stop and reflect. To thank God for His Son. To celebrate a wonderful year. To give thanks for what I thought were hardships that have been transformed into blessings.

Our Christmas will be very quiet, just the hubby and his folks. There are family members we wish were closer, but they are close in our minds and in our hearts.

My husband and I were reflecting on this past year. We moved to another state, again. We started over in a place we knew nothing about. We get by on less than we ever had. We have given up things we thought we needed. And we have never been happier. Our laughs bellow from deep within, the kind of happiness that pours over. We talk about our hopes and our dreams, and how what we thought was unattainable is in fact a reality. We listen more, wait patiently (most of the time), and have seen our faith grow tenfold.

My only hope is that you all may have the kind of Christmas I am blessed to see and live every day.

Every day miracles....


Bekah said...

beautiful post

Laura said...

your only hope is my hope!

a struggle every year...right at this stay focused.

Jesus is born
that is Christmas
nothing else

4 kids
Santa has to come
and it can get overwhelming

my prayer today...

give us this day our daily bread

just give me what I need for today Lord. Nothing more. Nothing less.

and yes. I know the happiness you speak of. We have traveled similar roads this year. In order to increase in God you need to decrease in everything else. All material things. Jealousy. Anxiety. Regret. Gotta let it all go and Let God!

I am feeling the anxiety that is attached to the meaningless Christmas today and it is irritating me! But you have reminded me of a gift I husband who believes in GOD and is not afraid to proclaim it. So thank you for that. Listen up for a may have just gotten your wings!

ღ soraya ღ said...

Nice post...thanks for sharing...blessings soraya