Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life in a Box

No, this is not a metaphorical title for the nooks and crannies of life, the separated and compartmentalized aspects of emotional and spiritual makeup. Rather, this is exactly as it in a box....

My in-laws have a storm shelter on their farm, and today, was the day we decided to christen the steel structure, and see how four dogs and four people would do tucked away beneath, hiding away from a potentially foreboding storm. Luckily, we can happily report that no tornado came too near, nigh a funnel. Although, the sirens did go off this afternoon, as a tornado was spotted east of our little town. (Sorry Mama, I didn't mean for you to hear those! Through a phone and thousands of miles away; I know you felt helpless wondering!)

God kept my little family safe, He kept that little protective bubble around us all.

My Cowboy....the reason I keep breathing, keep praying, keep going.

My hubby and my father-in-law....some of the greatest men; strong, unyielding, a comfort in the storm.

And my cutie patutie, my four-legged kiddo, who keeps this Mama laughin' and lovin'...she's a character!

Here's to tomorrow being a little less adventurous tomorrow, and if it's not to be, than another day with them.

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Shannon said...

oh dear- is dad wearing overalls!!! look out Texas!