Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Humble Beginnings

My wish is to stay broke...

Yep you read that right, but lest you think I have plum lost my mind let me explain.

When I have the least, I give the most.

When I have little, I remember to rely on God for not only His provisions, but also His comfort and His love. My husband and I have talked for days on end about this, and we both agree, we tend to pull away from God when life is easy, but with cling to Him with fervor and earnest when we find ourselves in tight spots. There has been feast and there has been famine in our household, and while we are grateful for every moment and all the in between times, we feel the greatest love rooted in our trust that all will be provided for. In the lean times, we witness the raw love and compassion of God and others.

I welcome anything that may come, as I welcome the sunrise in the morning. I see others accomplishing great things, attaining their dreams, buying their dream home, and I am genuinely happy for them because I am genuinely happy. There is a joy that has taken hold in my heart, an overflowing sense of bliss.

Few things are certain in life, and of those, I can count on these:

1. I never want to become too big for my humble lifestyle.

2. I don't want to forget the feeling of the sun shining down on me as I work beneath the Texas sky, planting and praying for a bountiful harvest.

3. I want to remain in a state of utter gratefulness for all that I have, and while I look, remember that if someone said they needed this or that more than me, that I be willing to give of these things.

4. I never want to forget the overwhelming appreciation of full cabinets. There are children who go hungry everyday, and AJ, never feels the pangs of hunger. As a parent, all you want for your children is a safe and happy life, to be unable to give them nourishment for their growing bodies must be unfathomably difficult. I pray for those sweet children.

5. I want to look at life as a glass-completely full girl. Forget half-full. God granted me with another day, and the ability to go out to the world and change it.

6. Lastly, I want to hold moments close to my heart. Moments of laughter and joy, family dinners, a silly kiddo at bathtime, coffee at the kitchen table with the hubby, mornings spent in the garden, playing chase with Molly and AJ, watching the wind rustle in the trees, thunderstorms rolling across the prairie, the smell of homemade bread, holding my beloved's hand just because.

If life is supposed to be any different than nobody tell me.

And if this is broke, than I'm the richest girl in the world.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Wonderful - yes!

Such great words, Jaclyn!

Your really wise!

God bless you!


Little Wife on the Prairie said...