Monday, April 22, 2013

The 1 am Post

Yes, it's true.

Here I am at 1 am, waiting for the laundry to dry, so I can move another load to the wash before bed.

There have been many a times I hoped to write here, but I have an editing project on top of my everyday editing job, and time is s sparse 'round these parts.

We are in full planting mode here, with asparagus, peppers, berries, cherries, onions, lettuce, spinach, chard, garlic, herbs, and soon corn, more onions, carrots, and beets. We try to grow everything we eat, and this year we are hoping for the biggest harvest yet.

My hubby and I have both started heavy workout routines, specifically the Spartacus workout. We both want to optimize our health and we know that a high intensity workout paired with cardio is imperative. Today at the market, a woman stopped and asked if we were 'juicers' since our buggy was full of produce. We just smiled and said no, we just enjoy fruits and veggies. She then proceeded to say that surely AJ didn't eat like us. We kindly answered yes he does as she scoffed and walked away.

We had to chuckle.....we are now known as the produce family in town.

With planting season here, we have been spending ample time in the sun and my oh my, does the fresh air and sunshine feel good! I do believe everyone is a wee bit happier with a hefty dose of Vitamin D.

AJ is such a little man these days. He runs everywhere, and climbs on everything. Very seldom is he still, so the other night when he fell asleep in my arms, I didn't move!

That laundry is just about done.....

Good night all.


Leigh said...

I had to chuckle about that lady's comments too. Interesting the kinds of assumptions folks make. Hopefully, we'll all be eating fresh produce from our gardens!

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

Yeah for gardens! I pray we can get past our freezes and plant. This time last year, I had everything in the ground. :( Oh well. Seasons come and go. Enjoy your bounty.