Tuesday, March 12, 2013

For Love of a Small Town (pt.2)

Continuing on with the stream of thought and my love for this little town, I would have to say, I love the quiet.

And I'm not talking about a moment here or there when the world seems to take a breather. No, I'm talking about the kind of quiet that settles over the earth and creates its own sense of peace. The quiet wraps the land like a gentle fog, blanketing and muffling the outside world. Here, in this place, you can hear the gallop, the clap of horses hooves on the barren land. Thunder clouds roll in with a deafening rumble, just as the wind howls with vengeance across the prairie.

Just the other night, my husband said the night was so still that he could hear me blink! And even when Molly goes to work on the farm, I can hear her bark from the deepest corner.

As it is, AJ does not like toys that are very loud, nor does he like sing-a-long books or the TV to be much more above a whisper. We all like the quiet and find that when the peace descends upon the home, we all take a deep breath, knowing that no words need to be spoken, no songs need to be sung, no volumes need to be turned up.

There is peace in the quiet, so the quiet is where we shall be.

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