Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Real Deal

With social media the way it is nowadays, we are constantly being inundated with the everyday happenings of those going on around us, depleting our own accomplishments in juxtaposition to those who render more from the day. To simplify, it is easy to feel as though others are able to do everything while I'm unable to do most things.

I read blogs, ones about raising large families or homesteading or crafting for your home, and I start to wonder how they do it all. How do wives find the time to make the homemade meals, do the art projects with the kiddos, take care of the babies, keep the home clean, do all the laundry, and manage to have some sort of 'career'?

I have a few books I want to write. I have projects that have been waiting to be done around the house (a coffee table that desperately needs to be painted, among other things). I feel like I am constantly doing laundry at 3 am just in an attempt to stay on top of it, and most nights, I'm baking bread at 11 pm for the next morning. What this all boils down to is this--in reality, we don't do it all. We tend to say what we think others want to hear, shielding ourselves from the reality of the day to day.

I thought for so long that if I pretended I could do it all, if I worked from sun-up to sundown than I could fool myself into believing that I was one of those women who did it all. But, alas, I am just one person, and I don't do it all. The laundry goes unfolded sometimes, the dishes pile up in the sink, the books I have written remain unpublished since no one wants them others remain in the storyboard format, and the giant garden I had planned on planting will be attempted again in the fall.

But what it boils down to, the family sits around the kitchen table for dinner, the baby is played with all day, the house has a 'lived' in look, and our house is a home. And there is nothing better than home.


Mrs.Rabe said...

The key is to find what works for you and your family!

Also, for example, I am still raising a family and home educating, BUT when I had very little ones, I didn't do the things I am able to do now. It's a different season for me now that my youngest is nearly 7, than when my oldest were 5, 2 and infant!

Don't compare yourself with others - just be comfortable with your own self and your own choices for your family. If you have books you want to write - you'll make the time, even if it is only 1 hour. Pray about it, talk with your husband, and trust God with the details.

What you are doing now is important work - the most important work you'll ever do!


Knitty said...

Raising a child is the most important job a person will ever have. Finding your pace will change from day to day, not only because your son is growing and changing, but some days you will have a need to do a specific thing...write a few pages, clean out a closet, whatever. It doesn't mean your son or your home will be neglected, just that you need to recharge your batteries. Yes, even cleaning a closet can do that if the closet is really bugging you.

I don't think bloggers are lying when they portray all that they do, but most of us aren't reporting all the details which they might consider so mundane they don't think about them. Maybe one has a mom or mother-in-law who comes by one afternoon a week and keeps the kids occupied. Another might have a cleaning person or crew show up every other week.

I came close to dying when my sons were 2 and 4. A spotless house wasn't important after that.

Your little man is adorable!

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

This made me smile! Good mama! Enjoy it all friend.