Monday, June 4, 2012

What Will Await Us

As I'm typing this, the little man is cooing away in his swing next to me. He is growing every day, becoming even cuter by the moment--granted I'm a bit biased.

I come to you, to this void of one-sided conversations, to the eyes of those who read this blog, and ask that you would pray for my family. We recently found out that the steady income we were able to count on will no longer be coming our way. Now, for most, this amount was nothing grand, but it was enough to sustain us, and keep the necessary bills paid. Right now, I'm not sure how we will pay next month's bills, but I am eager to see how God will work in our lives. Somehow, someway, those bills have been paid each month, and by God's provisions we have not gone without a home, food, or clothing.

I don't usually like to air such personal things here on my blog, but I have learned to be specific with my prayers this past year. Right now, I am praying for a job for my husband (ideally one he could do from home and still attend school), or something we could do together. My husband already works so hard at school and working any odd jobs that he can, I pray that God would provide something for us to do. Or if it is God's will, that we may be patient until He has something for us.

This is the time when we must sit back and wait, to lean upon God and His timing. There have been days when I wanted to throw my hands in the air and say I give up, and I'm done waiting for You to figure this out. But then I realize that I am questioning the ability of the Maker of the Universe, and well, that just seems plain silly.

Both my husband and I are eager to see what's in store for our family. We would love to start a business or a trade, we would love to work side by side, we would love for a form of telecommuting. We would love your prayers.

And because no post would be complete without a few of the recent pictures....

And my sweet Molly girl

Thank you.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Praying as the Lord brings you to mind! It will be exciting to see what He has for you!

Your little man just keeps getting cuter and cuter!


Laura said...

You know what I started doing? I take my fear and anxiety, and turn it into EXCITEMENT. yup! Instead of saying this morning, "Lord, WHY? We can not pay any of our bills this month!!! WHY?!" I change it to, "Thank you Lord for knowing just what we need! Thank you for what you have planned...I know we are in your awesome hands!" Then I slide my stack of bills underneath my Mary of Gaudalupe candle, and be on my merry way!!!

and you SHOULD put this on your blog.
This is the stuff you NEED to share.
Because now we can pray for you with intention...
be SPECIFIC with your prayers...and pray for them as if they have already been answered.


Knitty said...

Best wishes that this prayer is answered soon.

Christine said...

Praying for you, Jaclyn! May God meet all of your needs. Blessings!