Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life Lately

If I was to give a rundown of my day to day routine, it would contain notes of: feeding, snuggling, cleaning, snuggling, cooking, snuggling, washing, snuggling, working, snuggling, and occasionally napping. I can't describe the love I have for my lil man, but I imagine that any word would seem insufficient and fall short of what I really wish to express.

I have fallen in love with my husband all over again, too. I feel like the Grinch, whose heart has grown two sizes, to the point where I feel as though it will burst. Those quiet moments, in the middle of the night where we are all hunkered down for the day, and the baby lays between my husband and I, and Molly finds her place at the foot of our bed, my world feels complete.

Life surely does not get any better than this.

A few things I want to remember about these past six weeks:

AJ is a little mover and a shaker; he holds his head up whenever he hears my husband's voice or mine.

Just yesterday he figured out how to scruch his legs beneath his tummy and push up to do a belly crawl (say a prayer for me, this little boy is going to be a mover and a shaker!)

AJ eats the equivalent of a 3 month old, at 32 oz a day. (I pump and feed him my breastmilk that way; this allows for Dad to help feed him, as well as keep him fed, since he always feel asleep while breastfeeding.)

We have started to see those sweet gummy smiles this week.

AJ met his Great Grandma, Great Grandpa, and Aunt this past weekend.

So as you can guess, my life is pretty much consumed by this little man right now. We are planning a garden again this year, and that will soon be going in the ground. My husband has begun training a mustang that resides in the pasture behind our house, and he may begin riding for one of the farmers who in his older age, is unable to exercise all of them on his own.

I'm not sure if I shared this, but my husband is out of 'work' right now. The added ' ' are for the fact that God continues to meet our needs through my work, my husband's side jobs, and other means. Before, I always thought in order for us to survive we had to have a certain amount set aside for those 'rainy days'. Since then, I realize that my rainy day is God. He is my savings account and my broker. I'm not sure what His plan for my family is, but whatever it is, I will head in that direction.

I will be posting more updates soon, but now it's time for some more snuggles!

Oh, and I caught that sweet little gummy smile

A little miracle


Mrs.Rabe said...

I love that "God is my rainy day!" It is all from Him anyway, and this way you are able to see it in practice

AJ is adorable! Glad you have settled into a lovely routine - I always found 6 weeks to be about right for finding our way!


Laura said...

Oh wow, look at that..we have the same banker!
I have been meaning to ask Him for a big loan....

of course, all that I have is His loan...right?

SO, that gummy smile?
The best.

And I am fascinated by your marriage.
I think I hated my husband after my first born.
Serious hatred.
I was so worn and overwhelmed and I blamed Him.
I still hate him.
I love my man...but it was NOT easy after we started having kids. We were tested...still are tested...day after day.
Marriage is so much more than I knew when I walked down that aisle.
I was a moron, really.

At such a young age, you seem to know so much more than I ever did.
You are rich in clarity, wisdom, and understanding.
Something most people who seem to have lots of money know nothing about.
so there.
you win.

prayers that God continues to provide
He will
He promises


outdoor.mom said...

congratulations!! lovely baby!!