Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Past Week

This past week was one I will surely not forget. My Mama came out to Texas for a few days to help me get ready for the little one. My whole family will be making the trek once our little guy is born, so this was a bonus visit! We were able to get so much accomplished for his room....clothes are all washed, crib is put together, diapers and wipes are accessible, and the house is clean. And I mean clean.

You could eat off my floors.

Best of all, my mom was able to feel her grandson move. She even got to feel his hiccups....

All of his clothes are ready for our little cowboy. I can't wait to dress him in all of them!

His nursery is farm animals in neutral tones with white furniture. I wanted to keep it fun and light-hearted without feeling overwhelmed by patterns...I know, I know, but I'm a simple girl.

Isn't the mobile just the sweetest! Oh pregnancy hormones!

I feel undeniably blessed that I was able to share coffee (decaf for me!) every morning for a few days with my Mama, and that she took time from her busy day to day, to come to my teeny-tiny town and lend a hand. I know country life is a bit of an adjustment and she was a trooper, especially when we went 'shopping' and that entitled the WalMart in town!

I can't believe tomorrow marks 36 weeks!

Life never ceases to be amazing!


Laura said...

Jack's nursery was farm animals!!!!!!!!!!!!


can I be at the birth??

blessings xo

Kelli said...

My Tucker Man had a farmyard nursery! :) I even put up a real split rail fence on two of the walls and made three-dimensional clouds and a sun to hang over the fence. I LOVE the bedding you chose. <3 So pretty!

You look amazing! And I'm so glad your mom got to come and share in this exciting time with you. You are blessed!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I am so glad you had this special time with your Momma!

I adore the nursery! That bedding is adorable - perfect with the farm animals! So cute!

You're almost there!

Can't wait!


Knitty said...

Hooray for both you and your mom having this special time together!

Little Wife on the Prairie said...

How fun! The nursery is precious. Hope you are feeling good. This is the hardest part-WAITING! I am always so anxious to see my little one that the last few weeks torture me. :) Praying lots of rest and hubby time for you.