Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday's Thoughts...

I just spend some time putting together a little virtual baby registry, since most of my family lives far away from me. We have decided to do a virtual baby shower, one that can be done from even thousands of miles away.

(My beautiful Mama workin' away in her kitchen!)

I have been busily getting things put together for the nursery. In my brain, I must have things done now, so I am trying my best to take day by day. There is so much to be done, but I am trying to simply prioritize and accomplish :) Sounds like a mission impossible!

In all the baby books, there are so many items recommended to buy, but I just do not feel the need to buy every.last.thing. Seriously, some items seem more like a waste of money and a waste of here is my question, what are items that I should have?

Just last night, I told my husband that I wasn't prepared to be a mom. That I didn't know enough. That we hadn't taken enough classes. How would I keep track of all the baby products, little man things, swaddling, getting the house even cleaner, adjusting Molly to all of this, lining up a pediatrician, birthing techniques, breastfeeding, gizmos, gadgets, galore! So in the middle of all this, my husband looked over (lovingly) and smiled. He reminded me that no one has all the answers. That is God's job. And then he reminded me that there are plenty of people who I can call with a question or two. ahem my mom!

This is one of those moments when there is a much bigger lesson to be learned. A lesson fixated upon the establishment of "you cannot prepare for a life altering can only trust in your abilities". So, here I wait. Here I trust. Trust myself and my instincts. Trust in my husband to support me. Trust in those around me to lend helpful advice. Trust that everything will fall into place. Trust in the Maker of the Universe.....after all, He entrusted us with this little man.

Tomorrow will be spent much like today, gearing up for the Thanksgiving holiday. While it is never easy to be away from loved ones, I find myself turning my thoughts towards all I have to be grateful for, and thanking God for giving me this wonderful beautiful life.

May your table be surrounded with those you love.


teacher girl said...

What a wonderful post! I am thankful I found your blog. I don't know you at all, but I am 110% certain that you will be a wonderful mom. You are reflective, kind, and trusting in God's love. I think those are the most important things...although I'm not a mom so don't take my advice...I'm sending prayers your way. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs.Rabe said...

After 6 children, I can tell you that all you really, really need is

1. A car seat.
2. Some clothes.
3. Diapers.
4. Some blankets.
5.Two loving parents to hold him close and nurture him!

That's it! The rest is people trying to sell you stuff!

As to Thanksgiving...make it your own - yours and your husbands. Make a new tradition or two...take a drive - anything that says "we are a family!"


Knitty said...

I am amazed and appalled at the amount of things baby stores push the perspective parents to place on their registries. Does one really need to register for pacifiers and rattles? *rolling my eyes at this thought*

I'm sure you will do just great. You and baby will learn as you go. Surrounded by love, he'll never know that you don't think you're an expert yet. :-)

Bekah said...

happy thanksgiving! I would recommend receiving blankets for swaddling, a pack or two of prefolds cloth diapers ( great burp cloths, and when you no longer need them for baby they double as great cleaning rags...Ive even use them on my swiffer), diapers...however you plan to do that, a little bouncer seat, a boppy, and some kind of babywearing device, be it a ring sling, moby, or bjorn...its nice to strap on your little one and have two hands! We also needed a humidifier for them.

this one is not a necessity, but both of my boys really like nuk pacifers, and the soothe and glow seahorse.

and hey, if you ever feel overwhelmed or scared, you are more than welcome to email me...Ive been there! Some days I feel completely inadequate to mother these two beautiful children, but then I am reminded that God hand-picked me as their mother...and he knows what he is doing.

You will be a great momma to this precious gift. You will make mistakes and you will have moments of brilliance. Through it all, God is right there.

blessedmom's simple home said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jaclyn. I hope your day is wonderful :)

Healthy Branscoms said...

I love your blog. I became a follower! Erin