Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday's Notes

We have been in full holiday swing over here! Just this morning, we spent the our time over coffee discussing the feast to come next week. The hubby and I are going to cook the whole meal, we are going out to the nines! And the best part is we love cooking together in the kitchen, so I get to spend some quality time with my main squeeze. Yay!

Just this past week, my husband was walking in from work, when he came inside and said, "I love our home. Seeing the house lit up, and knowing you were inside, made me feel unbelievably happy. Our home isn't much, but it's homey and warm, it's where we belong." I know, I know, he is amazing. At the end of the day, that is all that matters.

Wednesday marks 26 weeks, I can't believe it! But I am so grateful for this time, for my wonderful husband, for quirky Molly girl, for our little man, for health, happiness, love, and above all, God. He is the one who has made all this possible. He is amazing.

Everyday miracles.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Beautiful, Jaclyn...


Laura said...

print this post...make many copies..and carry it with you for...well...forever. Because kids, and years have the evil ability to make us forget about how wonderful and amazing true love...being IN love, really is. We forget all too easily. The excitement of coming home so sadly turns to dread...because inside are crying kids, a messy house, bills unpaid, and overwhelming stress. And there are those times when it, the stress and anxiety, covers up, eats up, and swallows, all of the warm and cozy and love that was so beautifully created.

I am envious of this beautiful time in your life...the wanting to spend time with your significant other, not to mention the actual ability to take that time!!!

Cherish it....though I know you do.

And thanks for reminding me about the times my husband and I were newly married, expecting Jack....side by side in the kitchen, cooking up memories and dreaming of the future. We still do that...sort of...just a lot more noise, many more hands, and a bigger collection of crumbs on the floor, in the kitchen. Different. But still beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful men, both big and little :-)