Sunday, July 10, 2011

As The Sun Sets in Texas

My apologies for my lack of blogging lately.....the heat must be affecting my absentee brain.

Ah well.

Life on the farm never ceases to keep me busy, there are no idle hands around these parts. Although, I have found that with extensive heat comes the desire to slow down in the afternoon and lounge with a good book or a movie. I do believe my afternoon will be much quieter tomorrow (or so I hope!).

I have written two more books that are away at the Library of Congress for the copyright laws, before I send them off to the great beyond, where they will either be readily received or readily recycled.

When my time is not spent working pen and paper, I'm busily doing those chores around the house that never cease to end (ahem, laundry seems to grow daily, but it is a favorite chore of mine!). The garden has come along quite nicely this summer; however, I will not be planting a bumper crop due to the extreme heat here. Watering the garden by moonlight isn't so bad; it's the water bill that I fear more!

And in other news, my husband has a job!! Not just a 'job', but a job that doesn't involve him being gone 24/7. He will be away two days a week, one day being a half day, and the other being a full day. The rest of the work will be done from home!!! Praise God!! My husband and I have been praying for a job that would allow him more time at home. We have the sort of marriage that thrives on time together, while we seem to wither when we are apart. The job will meet our needs, and I have everything I want as long as I have him.

I better hop to it and finish the watering....morning will come early, and with it, the promise of a beautiful day and ample opportunities.


McFarland-Higgins family said...

Congrats all around- on the job and the books! You go, girl!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Lots of congratulations are in order: your new books, your husbands new job, your garden! Blessings all!

I am happy about your husband's job! Wonderful!


Kelli said...

Such a blessed girl, you are! :) I'm so happy for you and your husband in regards to the job! Sounds like the answer to prayer. :)And best of luck on those books, my friend!