Tuesday, August 5, 2014

One farm, one horse, three goats

It's been awhile since I took the time to post on ye olde blog, so let's give a quick rundown, shall we?

So far, we harvested a couple hundred pounds of produce, much of that being squash. The food pantry in town received most of it, while we shared with neighbors, friends, and friends of friends. The lettuce and spinach were devoured, the corn frozen, and the cucumbers are pickling. We lost a good amount of corn to the worms this year, but the horse and goats have had a blast eating the whole stalk.

The tomatoes are coming in nicely, and the okra loved last weeks rain. Green beans will hit the freezer this week, and I look forward to enjoying them this winter.

The farm looks like this:

It's our own secret garden out there, so peaceful and GREEN!! Such a change from our usual brown!

And in other news, our neighbor gave us a horse. Yes, a horse. He is the most kind and caring man, a rancher by trade, and his aging horse cannot be used to corralling cattle any longer, so she is with us now :) Her name is Laura, and we plan to breed her next spring, and give AJ, his very own horse.

We also now have 3 goats (2 of whom are pregnant) courtesy of our same neighbor. This farm is a-growin' folks and we couldn't be happier.


Mrs.Rabe said...

So exciting Jaclyn!

Your farm looks wonderful!


Little Wife on the Prairie said...

Whoo hoo!! So happy for you!