Friday, February 14, 2014

To My Buddy

With just an hour left on his birthday, I sit down to strike away at the keys and etch in time, a year's worth of memories, moments of laughter, and heartfelt embraces, all from a little 2 year old.

Only now my son, you aren't so little.

I choke back tears, looking in awe at the little man you are today. I fight the tears, because there are Mama's and Dada's who don't know what it feels like to have to arms swing open with wild abandon and clench around your neck so tight, that the air escapes your lungs, and for a moment you are left breathless not by the impact, but by the fact that this small person, this once tiny infant, loves you that much.

My son, I love you that much.

I love the fact that come morning I know you will search the house and find your new toy airplanes and trucks opened today, but you will be wild with excitement tomorrow when you realize that they are, in fact, yours to keep. I love that you were happy to play in the field, and that we played cowboys and indians, with Grandma and Grandpa right there. I love that tomorrow we are extending the celebrating, and embracing another opportunity to encompass a full day about you. 

You have a tenacity for life, an inability to believe you can't do everything. You look towards the Heavens, and I know you know God. He has given you a stubborn streak a mile wide, but one that I find refreshing. You believe in yourself and you believe in those around you. I can feel you pressing me forward when I want to give up, a head-strong reminder that there is someone out there believing in me and always cheering me on. You test boundaries and push limits, but you do so, because you believe you can do more. That somehow everything will work out. Never lose that, it is a trait most adults forget about, but faith in your abilities and in yourself is priceless.

You are now two years old. I could say it flew by, but the truth is, I can't remember life before you. And I don't want to.

You are such a part of this family, a piece to the puzzle, that I find myself, praying for morning just to have more time with you. Your dad and I, will fail time and time again to convey how much we love you, and how proud we are of you. You are the gift we thank the Heavens for everyday. And tomorrow when we celebrate another day of you, I will take a moment and fight back the tears, wondering how on earth I deserve you.

Being your Mama is an honor.....

And I will love you forever, promise promise.


Leigh said...

What a cutie! Thank you for this joy filling post!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Beautifully written!

What joy there is in parenting, and loving someone else so deeply.

God is good and I pray too, that you will have many more years together!


Camille said...

Preciousness! Yes, you will love him's a wonderful thing. Enjoy each and every day...they are all gifts from the Loving Hand of our Heavenly Father. He is truly so very, very good to His children. It was lovely to stop by tonight to *meet* you. Many Blessings, Camille