Monday, February 25, 2013

The Buckaroo's First Birthday

There is no better feeling than celebrating the birth of a sweet little one with loved ones. I look back on AJ's first birthday and I have to choke back the tears as I reflect on a day of love and happiness. The weather was perfect, the chili was yummy, the company was delightful. It was wonderful.

And since in these times, pictures capture the moments we hope to remember the most, here are some from that day. One of the best day's of my life.

There is something both humbling and comforting when you are surrounded by people who love not only your son, but you as well. We all need to feel that sense of community every once in awhile. It sustains us and gives our souls the nourishment we crave.

To say my cup overflowed would be an understatement.


Bekah said...

Adorable! I cant believe he is one already!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute theme!

Leigh said...

What a wonderful set of photos! Very precious memories there.

April said...

Fun party! LOVE the baby goats! I can not believe he's already a year old!!