Sunday, February 12, 2012

Completely Random

-Yesterday was my husband's 31st birthday! And yes, for those who are keeping count, there are six and a half years between us. I am just a lil one next to him :)

-We have snow....that's right SNOW!! We are expected to have about 3 inches by tomorrow, but it's not supposed to stick around too long. In previous years, when I lived in large cities and it snowed, I thought about hunkering down and just letting it snow. Now that we live in the country, I love the snow, but cringe when I think of all the poor animals stuck outside in it. Breaks my heart....

-I ordered a few things we needed for the baby a couple of nights ago. I love gift cards!!

-I have been cleaning, doing laundry, keeping up on bills, cooking up a storm, and loving on my family, in preparation for our little guy's arrival. Although, I must admit, cleaning the floor is getting more and more difficult with every passing day.
I swear, the floor just keeps stretching further away from me!

-My husband has finals til Wednesday, so I'm hoping and praying that our son waits til then....maybe even til Friday and then we could get some sleep too.

(Just a quick picture of the tree out back.)

May you all have a wonderful week ahead....there is much to look forward to.


Mrs.Rabe said...

It's so close now!

What an exciting time for you and your husband! I can't wait for you to show us photos of the little guy!

Savor the moments!


Laura said...

I've got news for you....your husband is a little one too! you are both so young!

Yup. Lots to look forward to. :-)

I was watching tv last night...a commercial with a baby came on...and I told my husband "I can't believe that part of our lives is over."

Warning: you are about to hear this A LOT.
"Enjoy them while they are little. They grow so fast."
You are going to hear this, and think there is no way that tiny baby will ever be big.
You will hear this, with your breasts leaking milk, your house a mess, your baby crying, and your floors filthy, and you will think "ENJOY THIS???? This sucks!"

But it is true.
Life does go fast.
And while I don't believe every moment is enjoyable, I do think we need to learn to be grateful. For all of it. The hard parts are there for a reason.

Until that miracle comes out to join you...savor these last moments of just you and your husband. Enjoy these last days. Life is about to throw you the craziest curve ball!!!!!!! And it is so awesome!!!!!

love to you all!

(and hey...what else do you need for the little guy?????? )