Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The days that await

Lately, I have been striving to see the world through the "glass is half full" perspective. Some days, I am far more successful at this than others, and during those few days that like seems to have flipped sideways, with no rhyme or reason, just kinks up on you, I remember the latter. The days of laughter and love, happiness and contentment. The days of jubilation and celebration, movies and snuggles, games of catch with Molly, and leisurely baths.

Those "half full" days go much farther than to simply get me through. They feed my soul and make my cup runneth over. In the moments when nothing spectacular seems to happen, and yet, it seems spectacularly wonderful to me, I feel whole.

Whole in a way that all the pieces found their way back, completely me and loving every minute of it. Those are the days that await me. Those are the days I lace my fingers into, weaving a tight web of wonderfully blissful moments.

Those are the days that make all the difference.

1 comment:

Cheyenne said...

Your post just made 'all the difference.' Reading thoughts like these are a real encouragement.

Blessings, friend!