Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pull, Tug, Tweak, ugh....

Does anyone ever have a day where your skin just doesn't seem to fit right? Like you woke up and somehow, someway it's just off; it was as though I woke up and my skin slid ever-so-slightly to the side.

Now I am not one to compare myself to others, or set unreachable standards, but I do try my darndest to live a healthy lifestyle and exercise my keester off when necessary. As of late, I have been working out quite a bit more, and apparently it's showing. The other day, I was picking up a box from storage, and my hubby looks over, and says, "Whoa! I got my tickets! My tickets to the gun show!" (Ergo, my arms are a wee bit buffer than the limp noodles they were before!)

Well I guess, everything is bigger in Texas! Ha!

All except for Molly's friend, Sophie. She is a tiny-wipper-snapper. Molly is her back up, her body guard. I just call them Mutt and Jeff.

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