Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"These Hands"

This marks the beginning of my journey as a self-professed guinea pig, barely stretching my wings, and looking forward to the journey ahead. I am an official published author, teaching myself as I go along. Just a little girl with silly dreams, who decided to go for it, to lay it all out on the table, to reach for the unattainable, and who did it.

Like the title of the book, "These Hands", only by my own determination and inability to alter my dreams, did I succeed in achieving my goal as an author. I only hope that the book inspires children, adults, individuals of all ages to believe in the impossible. My intent is to remind individuals that a job does not define the person, rather the inner-workings of that person define who they are. Emphasis is placed solely on the form of employment anymore while the content of one's heart is completely overlooked.

What does your heart hold dear? Dare to dream any dream....

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