Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Because it could be so different....

Breaking my blogging 'fast', a rather unexpected break, but one that coincided with life moving at warp speed, and me not wanting to be absent from a second. Lately, I have been reflecting on life, the daily routine we have created, and find myself in awe of it all. And completely unworthy of this blessed life.

All it takes is a few minutes reading the headline news, or a quick glimpse into the world outside, to realize that our life here on the farm is nothing short of amazing. There, etched in my mind, is a relentless feeling of gratefulness, a voice reminding me that this piece of Heaven on earth that I call home shall not be taken for granted because it could be so much different.

I'm thankful for the bed of clean sheets.....because it means we have a place to sleep.

I'm thankful for the piles of laundry....because it means there are plenty of clothes to wear.

I'm thankful for the leftovers.....because it means nobody went hungry last night.

I'm thankful for the sticky floors......because it means we have a place to call home.

I'm thankful for the doctor visits......because it means we have access to healthcare.

I'm thankful for long nights at the computer.....because it means I have a job that provides.

I'm thankful for stepping on legos at 6 am......because it means a certain 3-year-old has toys to play with.

I'm thankful for chocolate chip smudges......because it means we can enjoy a treat every so often.

I'm thankful for a life I have done nothing to deserve. For a husband whom I love and adore. For a son who keeps us laughing. For a loyal farm dog at my feet. For the ache in my muscles, as it serves to remind me of a good day's work on the farm.

May we all remember the gift that is today, and the goodness and blessings each day gives, if only we see it. 

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Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...


How wonderful to see a post by you! I can't believe your little man is three already! Wow!

We are so blessed! It is good to name them and be thankful for them, as you have expressed here!